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Cerisian? Oh, that’s just Sian and Cerys combined into one cool name for our agency!

Cerisian, led by Sian, is a creative freelance agency specialising in web, media, branding, and marketing solutions. Sian, currently studying a degree in Cyber Security, is passionate about web design, social media, marketing, and security. Her sibling, Cerys, who helps to support Cerisian, is pursuing a Visual Communications degree and brings expertise in graphics, video editing, photography, and media creation.

Together, Sian and Cerys merge their unique interests and skills to offer tailored digital experiences. Cerisian focuses on crafting engaging websites, impactful branding, and effective marketing strategies across diverse industries. Driven by a genuine love for creativity and technology, Cerisian aims to deliver practical, innovative solutions that elevate brands and connect with audiences.


Balancing her technical skills with a creative mindset, Sian aims to create secure digital experiences that are visually appealing and engaging. Her goal is to blend innovation with practicality, ensuring that digital landscapes remain both safe and captivating.

key skills: web design, web development, UI/UX, HTML, CSS & Javascript, branding, SEO, graphic design, 3D modelling, audio and music.


Cerys pours their passion into graphics, video editing, art, photography, and media creation. Their creative flair weaves vibrant visual stories, seeking to captivate audiences and lift brand identities with artistic style.

key skills: photoshop, premiere pro, after effects,  illustrator, graphic design, VFX, animation, storyboarding, storytelling, branding and marketing.


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